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What Our Friends Say

“We recently sought out Rebecca Mathias to assist us in updating our family trust. We were very impressed with her review of the changes which had occurred since we first established our trust, and were very grateful for her guidance in making it current. She also asked us to consider details like who would be immediately responsible for our daughter if something happened to us, until the guardians could get here from out of state. We had not addressed this previously, and we're impressed with Rebecca's thoroughness and professionalism. We highly recommend her as a partner in your estate planning efforts.”

C.T. and V.T.

Redwood City, CA

“We used Matthias Law and were impressed by their level of professionalism afforded us during a very personal time of decision making. We were well informed, guided but not coerced, and held to a responsible level of timeliness as we were walked through the (many!) steps to achieve our final goal: a viable trust.”

R.W. and M.W.

Oakland, CA

“Rebecca Matthias is a trustworthy and intelligent attorney. We selected Rebecca as we desired to establish a will and trust. At the time, we were months away from having our first child and wanted to prepare plans for our family’s future. Throughout our conversations and meetings with Rebecca, we were continuously provided outstanding service and thoughtful guidance. We felt completely comfortable during this process as she supplied detailed explanations with a tactful approach to protect our privacy. Rebecca was an absolute pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her to those desiring a superior legal experience.”

G.W. and C.W.

Palo Alto, CA

“It was long over due and finally at age 55 I have made the steps to getting a will set up for my family. Rebecca was so kind, helpful and professional. I brought my 23 year old daughter to the second meeting, and Rebecca was able to explain everything in a way that made both my daughter and I feel very comfortable with the difficult topics and decisions.
It's very comforting to know that if and when something happens to me, my kids would have such a caring person to help answer any of their questions.”


Redwood City, CA

“Rebecca gave my husband and I a thorough understanding of all of our options when it came to putting together a will and/or trust. She was so easy to understand and made us feel comfortable with any questions we had. We especially loved the family emergency card she gave us to put in our wallets. This makes us feel even more secure that if anything should happen to us, people will know we have children and who to get in touch with concerning their care as fast as possible. We have recommended Rebecca to friends, and would definitely do it again if we knew someone looking for help with estate planning documents!”

C.K. and E.K.

Lafayette, CA

“Rebecca is simply amazing! She was a joy to work with and we are so happy that our son is all covered. She goes above and beyond, is organized, professional and well versed in family law. Thank you so much, Rebecca!”

Alyssa M.

“Rebecca made setting up a trust seem easy. She was meticulous in figuring out what best suited my particular needs, and followed through to make sure the trust was properly funded. If you are thinking about a trust, talk to Rebecca.”

Adrian L.

“Rebecca is not only very knowledgeable in her profession, but she's also kind and extremely helpful to her clients. She is always prompt in answering questions as they arise. Our family highly recommends Rebecca Matthias to anyone needing trust advice; her work ethic is admirable, and the peace of mind gained by hiring her cannot be measured.”

Maureen B.

“Rebecca was very patient with our family and she made sure we understood every part of the process. She made sure that we left every appointment with all our questions answered and even if we had more after, Rebecca responded promptly via phone or email. She is a very genuine and kind person who makes you feel like a friend, not just a client. Would highly recommend to everyone!”

Jessica A.

“Passionate about helping clients with trusts. Competent, knowledgeable, listens to clients, addresses questions carefully and gives valuable answers. Meetings were very well run, expectations clearly defined - all very professional and efficient.”

Craig H.

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